The short story  THE MONUMENT was published in rezmagazine in September 2016 and the corresponding installment is presented at the SANTORNI BIENNALE – in the section IMMERSIVE INTERACTIVE ART – IMMERSIVIA.

THE MONUMENT shall demonstrate that a vision, a concept, I sent in to the jury of  Linden Endowments of the Arts can work as a world wide collaboration. I have to thank JMB Balogh, headcurator of LEA, PatriciaAnne Daviau as my former liaison manager for the MOONREZZER AIR grant and the SURREAL TOWER core grant and Dove (TheDove Rhode) LEA advisor and liaison for the trust to give me again a full sim for six month. Three grants in a row make a lot of pressure to show that again the universe will collide the borders are expanded, the impossible becoming possible. We have to leave gravity behind. We have to be THE 100, we have to be THE 300. Or shall we be always autonomous?

“What is this here?” asked my friend Meri (Merivale Ewing) as I gave her a preview. I know she is always so busy in making new dresses and I had to type fast and use short words.

[2016/08/18 00:31]  Art Blue: this here is the stage for plays

[2016/08/18 00:31]  Meri (Merivale Ewing) looks around

[2016/08/18 00:31]  Meri: Explain please?

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Meri: i see

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Art Blue: and along the cube is “the waiting dead”

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Meri: oh…

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Art Blue: they wait for colors in their life

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Meri shivers as a cold cloud passes over her soul

[2016/08/18 00:32]  Art Blue: made by Hilfero

[2016/08/18 00:33]  Art Blue: I show you the stations

[2016/08/18 00:33]  Meri: ok

[2016/08/18 00:33]  Art Blue: no 8 now

[2016/08/18 00:34]  Meri: Sitting

[2016/08/18 00:34]  Meri: lol

[2016/08/18 00:34]  Art Blue: tp no 8

[2016/08/18 00:35]  Art Blue: you see Dr. K, the noob?

[2016/08/18 00:35]  Meri: This is lovely

[2016/08/18 00:35]  Art Blue: he steers the landing of the cube by using sun and moon

[2016/08/18 00:35]  Meri: yes

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: you see sun?

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: and moon?

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: at the edges

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Meri: sun is intellect

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Meri: Moon is intuition

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Meri: Good steerage

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: both made by Nexuno

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Meri smiles

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: the cube will not fit in the landing zone

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Art Blue: the fences you see?

[2016/08/18 00:36]  Meri: yes

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Art Blue: so the stronghold cube must turn, must slope

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Meri: Music

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Art Blue: yes steered by music

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Art Blue: music keeps gravity off

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Meri: oh?

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Meri: Gosh I think I am now lost

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Teleport offer sent to app/agent/2cf7ba68-…

[2016/08/18 00:37]  Art Blue: you may sing here

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Art Blue: ((sit on piano))

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Meri: I did

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Art Blue: ((menu sing))

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Meri slips an arm round your shoulder

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Art Blue: no, sit fresh

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Meri: Lalalalalala

[2016/08/18 00:38]  Art Blue: on piano

[2016/08/18 00:39]  Art Blue: yes, thats a stand pose now

[2016/08/18 00:39]  Meri: better?

[2016/08/18 00:39]  Art Blue: you listen now

[2016/08/18 00:39]  Art Blue: to sing is different *lol

[2016/08/18 00:39]  Meri listens…smiles

[2016/08/18 00:40]  Art Blue: I know your time is short

[2016/08/18 00:40]  Art Blue: I show you next

[2016/08/18 00:40]  Meri: oh…sad

[2016/08/18 00:40]  Meri: I liked that

[2016/08/18 00:41]  Teleport offer sent to app/agent/2cf7ba68-…

[2016/08/18 00:41]  Art Blue: station 2

[2016/08/18 00:41]  Meri: I am in a boat

[2016/08/18 00:41]  Art Blue: inside the cube is the treasure of a lost civilization

[2016/08/18 00:41]  Art Blue: the boat by Cherry Manga carries you to the afterlife

[2016/08/18 00:42]  Meri: This is that great artist

[2016/08/18 00:42]  Art Blue: the Molly Bloom museum

[2016/08/18 00:42]  Meri: Yessss!

[2016/08/18 00:42]  Art Blue: owned by SRHadden´s followers

[2016/08/18 00:43]  Meri: I love these

[2016/08/18 00:43]  Art Blue: this installment has a copy in opensim

[2016/08/18 00:43]  Meri: ok

[2016/08/18 00:43]  Art Blue: I bring SL artists to opensim for conservation

[2016/08/18 00:43]  Meri: I rarely go there nowadays

[2016/08/18 00:44]  Art Blue: and to the Santorini Biennale

[2016/08/18 00:44]  Meri: yes

[2016/08/18 00:44]  Meri: But lots deserted it

[2016/08/18 00:44]  Art Blue: underwater now

[2016/08/18 00:44]  Meri: where are you?

[2016/08/18 00:45]  Teleport offer sent to app/agent/2cf7ba68-…

[2016/08/18 00:45]  Art Blue: here the fish

[2016/08/18 00:45]  Art Blue: Da da fish world

[2016/08/18 00:45]  Art Blue: speaking fish

[2016/08/18 00:45]  Meri: blub blub…

[2016/08/18 00:46]  Meri: I love fish

[2016/08/18 00:46]  Art Blue: different windlight settings on sub-parcel level

[2016/08/18 00:46]  Meri: My babies

[2016/08/18 00:47]  Meri: These are boxy

[2016/08/18 00:47]  Art Blue: big fish

[2016/08/18 00:47]  Meri: not realistic

[2016/08/18 00:47]  Meri: and not well crafted

[2016/08/18 00:47]  Meri: lol

[2016/08/18 00:48]  Meri: Oh Gosh

[2016/08/18 00:48]  Meri: I have to go

[2016/08/18 00:48]  Meri: See you soon

I think it will be nice when one looks back in some years on virtual world to see how a chat communication worked at these days …

You see, I sadly could not bring in why the fish, made by Moewe Winker, the boxes Meri called them not realistic, are digital dadaistic representations of the natural fish which are extinct in the times SRHadden is coming back from a travel through the universe.

You will see more here as soon as the installment is presented in Santorini – Grand Opening Septemeber 1st, 2016.

I, Art Blue, was set in as curator of the IMMERSIVIA, the first time where virtual art is being presented in a Biennale along the classic art fields, like painting, scultpure, photography.

For the SURREAL CUBE the following artists set their views in place.

Core Contributors:

Gem Preiz, France: the outer cube, the stronghold

Mistero Hifeng, Italy: the landing of the stronghold.

Molly Bloom, USA: The Molly Bloom Museum

Hyde Hackl, Netherlands: builder of the Molly Bloom Museum and The Egg.

Moewe Winkler, Germany: underwater world, the speaking fish

Juliette Surrealdreaming, USA: curator and stage

Side contributors:

From the conservation project VULCANICUS are on lease:

Nexuno Thespian, Italy: the sun and the moon

Renn Yifu, Germany: Dr. Kawoom.

Cherry Manga, France: The Cloud guide

Performance Artists:

Venus Adored, Denmark: the fog, particle effects

Art Eames, Germany and Neruval, the AI, Togo: The Messenger, signing in ASL