The Surreal Cube is a container for art installments. Hidden and protected from the outer world. There are many stories written about this Cube. The idea behind goes back to the beginning: “It starts all with a Cube.”


IN THE GREEN created by Norton Lykin from Denmark opens a new door that expands our view, our mind, our existence. It is hidden inside the Surreal Cube.

I got in contact to Norton Lykin at Juliette´s Surreal Tower Gallery where he presented his installment Freedom in a Sandwich in July. As a matter of time Norton made his way to show now a bigger work inside the Surreal Cube at LEA20 — again curated by Juliette Surrealdreaming.

You may travel to IN THE GREEN in your mind in a needle ship or in fact in a bubble you sit inside through a wormhole that engineers drilled into the Surreal Cube – I shall add with consent of the creator of the fractals that give the cube life – Gem Preiz.

The needle ship was made by Exy Atreides based on Ian Banks novel The Algebraist. It was first mentioned in a short story by the Third Pilot in Plan 9-800 in Meta Harpers written by an A.I. and published in rezmagazine, September 2016.


I had many weeks time to work on ideas “how to do the Grand Opening for IN THE GREEN”. Finally I gave my first impression room that this installment is supernatural, that it could only be created by an A.I. an Artificial Intelligence. So it came to the CITY OF LIGHT, that this city comes today in shades of green.


„There is a place for all of us. When I first landed on the earth, I met a woman who spoke of a place beyond the Dead Zone, a place where everyone is accepted — a City of Light.“ Thelonious Jaha


The City of Light – an A.I. named A.L.I.E. creates this city in your mind as soon as you take and accept the key, the chip, the sacret symbol – points back to a creation I am happy that I could pulish quite some time ahead before The 100 TV series (now in 4th season) rolled over the United States. Cyberphoria creating Calyptica Prime. Cyberphoria comes to life in various of my short stories. A good start is The Lady in Black, published in rezmagazine, May 2016 – page 29-40 – where I write as Ray Blue about the future of work reflecting on the movie Tripalium aired on Arte.TV  in French and German.

Watch the apperance of Cyberphoria in Goodybe Shining Blackstar, a particle performance by Venus Adored in the Surrel Art Gallery of Juliette Surrealdreaming – located in SL at sim Claressa. This way you get an idea of what will happen in the Waiting room at the Grand Opening of IN THE GREEN.


On November 3rd, 2016 at 1:00 PM PDT the Grand Opening takes place. What will it be shall be kept secret. The audience will have time to think to work out ways of IN THE GREEN before they actually see it. These is the poster for the Waiting Room, where Venus Adored finally will do as a prelude a particle performance of green light after my inauguration of THE CITY OF LIGHT.



I said it shall kept secret what will happen and I keep it this way. I can tell you what I had in mind, but then I found a different approach for the short play. Nevertheless this way you get an idea – out of many you may create in your brain when being IN THE GREEN.


„In the center of the City of Light, there is a Cube. Imagine you go inside. Imagine you go there in a bubble that protects your mind – and Death Shall Have No Dominion.“ – Art Blue

Norton Lykin brings us to a place you have been before, but you have forgotten. Norton himself has forgotten as well hat he has been there.
I have not because I created this place. It is called the City of Light. Today it is the day of the Green. The Light comes in shades of Green. Tomorrow it might be different, but today is your day to enter.

So let it be Green. Let it be Light.

Your trip starts in the dessert where you meet Cyberphoria. She holds the key: the magic numbers, the password you may say. You may see Cyberphoria as the woman of your dreams or the Blue Elephant as the ultimate artwork you crave to create or a Camel to carry you forward in your life. All of them have in common to point to a Bubble waiting to carry your mind. „Take the Bubble to Fly into the Cube of Light“, you hear them whispering. Thelonious will tell you more by handing you out a note by Norton Lykin which you may read when you have arrived, but most important is that everyone will see the Cubes of Light, the City of Light different.

Many have been there before – their shadows burned in the walls as Mirrors of Light. Your shadow will be added and kept alive on the surfaces of the Cubes – if you leave the Bubble. „To leave or Not to leave?“, thats the question. The Cube carries life, it is the spice on the walls that surreality needs to grow. The cube melange extends life, just a different life, a true life – And Death Shall Have No Dominion.

Come to me, join the City of Light – seen by the A.I. – A.L.I.E. 1.0

Now a personal word by Art Blue addressed to Norton Lykin and other artists giving their installments in my hand to being shown:

A curator has one advantage. He can say what he thinks, what he likes to see. Fitting or not, weird or brilliant in his thoughts. He does not have to mind. The same right is on the artist. He (or she) has not to care on anything except the work to justify for him- or herself. So bear with me if you or the artist sees the City of Light different as the A.I., the Artificial Intelligence, having in reality the name A.L.I.E. – you may even see no City – or no Boxes. Then you may be in the center of Norton Lykin. Give no boundaries to your thoughts. I find it a GREAT installment and I am very happy that he placed it inside the SURREAL CUBE that the fractal artist Gem Preiz has worked out. A big thanks to Juliette who was the sole curator for the installment of Norton – here and as a 100% copy in opensim – conserved in a time capsule. I just made my way to see the installment as The City of Light.


The link to the full album will be published after the Grand Opening.

Google for „The 100“ and you may understand that my way is made for you if you are one of the 100. You are as you are here!